Arizona Pool Guard Inc. Becomes Toddler Safety Systems Inc. (Press Release)


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Tim and Gina Maloney

Founders and Owners, Toddler Safety Systems Inc.

(602) 840-5591

Arizona Pool Guard Inc. Becomes Toddler Safety Systems Inc.

PHOENIX, AZ, October 25, 2014 – Arizona Pool Guard Inc., a pool safety installation company of high-quality pool covers, fences, and safety gates, announced this week that Arizona Pool Guard Inc. has officially changed its name to Toddler Safety Systems Inc.  The change was made as a result of the growing business on a national level.  Locally, the Maloney’s, run by Tim Maloney, a local Phoenix Fire Fighter, will operate as Arizona Pool Fence serving the Phoenix metro area and surrounding areas such as Tucson and Kingman.  Nationally, the parent company Toddler Safety Systems Inc. is expanding nationwide with pool fence installations in several US states with a swimming pool populous.


Toddler Safety Systems Inc. has recently undertaken an extensive rebranding effort of its company and website, and is now manufacturing its own products. “The company will benefit from these new changes,” said Gina Maloney, Founder and Owner of Toddler Safety Systems, Inc. “Toddler Safety Systems has been a leader in providing pool safety products for more than 15 years and the Toddler Safety Systems name is synonymous with quality pool safety solutions.”


A new logo has been created which is now part of Toddler Safety Systems company identity. “This name change better reflects the current and future direction of the company,” Maloney added.


About Toddler Safety Systems Inc.


Tim and Gina Maloney are the owners of Toddler Safety Systems Inc. The company specializes in manufacturing and installing pool safety products including mesh pool fences, safety nets and covers, as well as self-closing gates and doors. Tim has spent the past several years developing new and improved safety products that have been in testing for several years.  The Maloney’s felt like it was the right time to start to make these changes to support their own label. Toddler Safety Systems, founded in 2000, operates in Phoenix, Arizona and services nationwide.



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June & July Dangerous Time for Child Drowning

The Arizona Republic Sunday article states that a very dangerous time for child drowning is June and July, especially during the 4th of July holiday. With that day just around the corner, please watch your kids around water. Arizona has had 14 drownings this year alone, 8 of them are children under 5, 3 were children 6-12.

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Wrought Iron or Removable Mesh Fence?

Mesh Pool Fence

Mesh Pool Fence

We get a lot of calls from potential customers who aren’t sure if they should get a wrought iron fence or a removable mesh fence. Although both serve as good pool barriers, wrought iron has some draw backs. The life of an iron fence is less than that of a mesh fence.
Wrought Iron Pool Fence

Wrought Iron Pool Fence

Iron tends to rust out after only a few years. The mesh fence is durable and a good USA made mesh fence that’s ASTM certified lasts year after year. You can also climb an iron fence; kids can pull up a chair and get right over it. With mesh it’s designed to be non-climbable. Kids can pull up a chair but they aren’t going to be able to grip the fence so that it supports their weight to get over it. Not only that, when you compare the same exact pools; one showing an iron fence and one showing the mesh, the mesh looks much more appealing. Mesh is also removable so if you’re having an adult party when kids aren’t present, you can take your fence down and get your entire yard back to entertain. You can put the fence back up in a matter of minutes. So when people ask us, mesh vs. iron we say mesh! It’s more affordable than iron and the proof is in the photo.

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