Pool Safety Products

Pool Safety Fences

The highest quality USA-made, ASTM-certified mesh pool safety fence system available backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

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Pool Safety Nets

Arizona Pool Fence Safety Nets are A.S.T.M compliant and are proven to protect your children around pools.

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Pool Safety Covers

Our Pool Safety Cover product line includes both swimming pool covers and spa covers manufactured by GLI Pool Products.

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Self-Closing Gates

Our patent pending self-closing, self-latching gate is key-lockable for added protection. Arizona Pool Fence uses the magna latch system on all our self-closing gates.

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Self-Closing Doors

We offer an array of self-closing door safety products as well as complete door repair services. All our self-closing door systems are code-compliant for the State of Arizona and the individual cities.

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Pet Fences

Pets are a part of the family and need protection too! Arizona Pool Fence offers 1-5 foot heights and several different colors for your pet fences.

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