Pet Fences for Swimming Pools

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Outdoor Pet Fences To Protect Your Animals

Did you know that thousands of pets drown each year in swimming pools? Pets are a part of the family and need protection too! Most pet owners assume that their dogs know how to swim, many do, but some don’t. Some dogs that can swim, panic and don’t know how to get out. They can be just feet away from the steps but not realize it and eventually give up. Protect your dog, cat, or other animal from the swimming pool with an outdoor pet fence.

Arizona Pool Fence offers a safe solution outdoor pet fence solution:

  • 1, 2 and 3 foot pool pet fences
  • several different color choices
  • self-closing gates in the same height
  • installed on any surface

Safety Tips To Help Prevent your Pet from Drowning:

  1. Be aware of your dog’s swimming proficiency. Realize that this proficiency will diminish dramatically at night, with advancing age, and the fear associated with accidental falls. Even excellent swimmers may panic in the dark or after a slip and fall into the water.
  2. Understand that even dogs that swim are still at risk of falling in by accident and not be able to find their way out
  3. Dogs with seizure disorders are never safe around water when unsupervised
  4. If your dog is blind, they are at a very high risk for falling in the pool

Installing a pool fence can prevent your pet from drowning. Arizona Pool Fence had installed hundreds and hundreds of pet fences throughout the years. Often times, if after one of the family’s pets has already drowned. At that point, it’s very real and they install a fence before it happens to other pets in the family. Don’t let this happen to you, start protecting your pets today!

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