Arizona Pool Fence, Simply Fun Pools share tips for pool safety; giving away pool fence

It happens all too often every summer in Arizona, preventable drownings that take a child’s life. With the numbers steadily rising each year, two pool industry veterans are determined to make a difference.

Dane Palmero, owner of Simply Fun Pools (a division of Overflow Pools) and Tim Maloney, a retired Phoenix firefighter and owner of Arizona Pool Fence, are partnering to raise awareness surrounding pool safety as summer approaches by sharing a few key tips for Arizona residents, as well as hosting a contest to give away a pool fence to a deserving local family.

“As a former fire fighter, I saw these drownings first-hand and the majority of them could have been prevented, which is what led me to open Arizona Pool Fence,” said Maloney. “Partnering with Dane and Simply Fun Pools will help ensure that everyone is who is getting a new pool will know the benefits of having a pool fence and realize that it is a requirement in order to keep your family safe.”

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