Pool Safety Covers

Safety and peace of mind in addition to heating and protecting your pool

Sometimes known as winter pool covers or mesh pool covers, the benefits of pool safety covers are numerous. A pool safety cover offers peace of mind in addition to heating and protecting your pool! Mesh pool safety covers are lightweight and help conserve water. Save on water bills, chemical use, and keep your swimming pool clean - especially during monsoon season!

First and foremost is the safety aspect. For a swimming pool safety cover to be safe, it must undergo rigid independent testing to meet specific minimum requirements to qualify as an ASTM pool safety cover. This ASTM qualification is a coveted certification for any product in the pool safety category. We are proud to say that all pool safety covers from Arizona Pool Fence not only meet but exceeds the standards set forth by ASTM.

Our pool safety covers stand up over time because of the premium materials we use. They are low-maintenance and made of a durable mesh material. We fabricate our beautiful mesh pool cover with a unique blend of lightweight polypropylene that stays dry and does not crack with age. Rain drains through without collecting on the surface, while leaves and debris just dry and blow away! No water bags or pumping necessary, wich virtually eliminates off-season maintenance! Choose the fabrics and colors that match your taste and get a perfectly fitted custom-built mesh pool cover you can walk on. Color options include blue, green, gray, black, and black/tan combo.

Why Choose Our Mesh Pool Covers?

Safe, Easy to Use and Built to Last

After measuring your pool, we use computer-aided-design to create a pool cover guaranteed to fit perfectly, no matter the size or shape of your pool. Arizona Pool Fence's superior hardware technology, with high-performance stainless steel springs and sturdy brass anchors, makes our mesh pool covers safe and easy to use. In addition to the premium materials we use (see below for details), our construction is unsurpassed in the industry. We were the first to feature double webbing, which is stitching both on the top and underneath (not just the first 18 inches underneath like most of our competitors). We also use triple-stitched bonded threads and add an "X" and box stitch at the perimeters for extra strength.

Pool Safety Cover FAQ’s:

The durability of our pool safety covers allows us to offer a 15 Year Warranty – 3 Years Full Coverage. Our experienced installers have an eye for safety and will take note of any unique features in your pool environment that they may need to address.

It starts with our state-of-the-art swimming pool cover manufacturing facility that includes computer-aided-design and a carefully engineered layout that maximizes efficiency.

Plus we handle many processes in-house that other manufacturers farm out. With our pool covers, this includes the all-important lock stitching. The result is higher quality, more efficient processes, and no internal shipping costs. It also means our work isn’t dependent on someone else’s schedule, so we get your swimming pool cover done on time!

  • A convenient storage bag, installation instructions, warranty, and cover care guide. It also includes all hardware installation pieces such as a heavy-duty installation tool, tamping tool, spring covers, and Allen key.
  • Springs with specially designed bends that ensure there are no gaps between the swimming pool and decking, keeping the wind from blowing debris under the pool cover.
  • Built-in tamper resistance due to a unique installation tool we supply that is required to remove or install the pool cover.

Still have questions?

Get The Look You Want Without Sacrificing Durability

Pool safety covers mean extreme protection and safety because they come with double-webbed lining. Therefore, they are far more durable and stronger than regular pool covers. If someone were to walk on top of a regular pool cover accidentally, they would most likely fall in the pool (taking the cover with them). That can be very dangerous, however, because our pool safety covers are incredibly strong, you don’t have to worry about anyone falling in the pool when they are on it.

Our conventional mesh pool cover is nothing ordinary! It has extremely high tensile strength and is impervious to chlorine and mildew. While most fabrics on the market have a thread count of 34 x 20 per square inch, we use a thread count of 34 x 22 per square inch. Hold it up to the light, and see for yourself. The tighter weave minimizes the sunlight that passes through the mesh pool cover, therefore reducing springtime algae growth.

Our super dense mesh pool cover is our tightest woven material and has the highest shade quality.

Mesh Pool Covers Are Available In Two Types Of Grades:

Conventional & Super Dense Mesh

hunter green color swatch for conventional pool cover

Hunter Green

deep royal blue color swatch for conventional pool cover

Deep Royal Blue

hunter green color swatch for super dense pool cover

Hunter Green Super Mesh
Super Dense

designer black color swatch for conventional pool cover

Designer Black

Imagine opening your Arizona swimming pool to clear water in the spring. Well, you can! By using a solid mesh pool cover with proper water treatment and chemicals. Our solid mesh pool covers are substantially more robust than the competition. Not only do they have ultraviolet resistant additives, but they are also highly abrasion-resistant. Our super solid material is lightweight and coated. Unlike a laminate, we construct the coated fabric by pouring hot liquid vinyl onto a polyester scrim. As it cools, the materials bond together. All solid swimming pool covers must use a pump or drain to prevent water from puddling on the cover. Our installation and care maintenance guide shows how, with minimal maintenance, you can open your pool just as you closed it.

Solid Swimming Pool Covers Are Available In Two Colors:

hunter green color swatch for solid pool cover

Hunter Green

royal blue color swatch for solid pool cover

Royal Blue

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