Self Closing Doors & Pool Safety Barriers

And Repairs

We offer an array of self-closing door safety products as well as complete door repair services. Our self-closing, self-latching system meets all the pool barrier requirements/safety codes for the State of Arizona and each individual city. We proudly build our door closers right here in Phoenix.

All Pool Safety Products & Services

  • Self-Closers and Hinges
  • Arcadia Repair
  • Rollers & Track Replacement
  • Security Locks
  • Second Knobs
  • Sliding Glass Door Closures
  • Window Locks
  • Security Chains
  • Self-Closing Yard Gate Springs
  • Gate Springs
  • Multi Panel Door Closers
  • Butterfly Door Closers
  • Door Alarms
  • Track/Threshold Replacement
  • Door Repairs
  • All Products Meet Code Requirements