Glass Pool Fencing

Stunning, High-Quality Glass Fences

You’ve installed a stunning pool that you’re proud of—but it could use some additional protection. Why not safeguard and showcase your pool at the same time with glass pool fencing from Arizona Pool Fence? Our glass fencing is durable, safe, and completely transparent.

Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing

Sleek and streamlined, a glass fence adds drama and visual appeal, enhancing the style of any pool area. Our glass fences come in framed panels, as well as frameless designs for a clean and seamless look. The panels, manufactured from high-quality, half-inch thick tempered glass, are available in four-foot and five-foot lengths to provide maximum stability with minimal joints.

Support posts for the glass panes come in stainless steel, aluminum and brushed aluminum finishes, so you can put together a custom look that accents your pool and outdoor décor. Self-closing gates are available in 36-inch and 48-inch widths; the wider gate makes it easier to bring in furniture or even that giant flamingo pool float you’ve had your eye on.

Sleek glass is hard to climb, making a glass pool fence one of our best options when it comes to safety and security as it will effectively prevent children and pets from entering the pool area. And when kids are using the pool, the completely transparent walls make it easy to keep an eye on them, even from outside the pool area. A latch system is available for the gate to help keep unsupervised children from wandering in, and for extra security, we offer an optional keypad entry system.

Glass fencing is a premium option—the most expensive of our pool fence offerings. But if you’ve invested in a stunning pool, why hide it? Give it a safe and secure enclosure customized to complement the pool that gives your yard a unique and elegant look. It will wow all your guests and welcome them to your backyard oasis.

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