Door Closing Systems For Pool Safety

Our Self Closing & Self Locking Doors & Gates Offer Added Level of Protection for Your Swimming Pool Area

child safe mesh pool gate

Self-Closing / Latching Safety Gates

Our swimming pool fencing installations include our patent-pending walk-thru easy access self-closing, self-latching pool safety gates.

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Self Closing Doors & Repair

We offer an array of self-closing door safety products as well as complete door repair services.

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Why Install Automatic Door Closers In Your Home?

Have you ever been frustrated with doors that stay open or have a habit of uncontrollably slamming shut? Have you ever been struck by the realization that a door or pool fence has been left open and is now a safety hazard? Installing self-closing gates and doors alleviates these frustrations and fears.

Easy to install and tremendously reliable, automatic door closing systems add extra levels of security, safety, and energy conservation when installed on pool fences and sliding doors around the home.

Safety & Security

It is well established that pool fences improve backyard safety for children and pets alike. However, having a well-constructed pool fence is not enough when a gate can be accidentally left open. Likewise with a patio door, if it is not fully closed or locked, it no longer provides any level of security against unwanted entry. Door closing systems are an effective way to ensure additional safety and security as they prevent these instances from occurring.

Energy Saving

Automated door technology also aids in the growing need for energy conservation. Rising energy costs and concerns for the environment dictate that homeowners are more diligent in minimizing energy consumption. Households with children frequently running in and out, and often leaving doors open, allows conditioned air to escape, compromising energy efficiency. Automated door closers secure doors that have been left open and provide homeowners with the peace of mind that energy dollars are not flowing out of open doors.


If you are a homeowner interested in how automated door technology can improve your home, give us a call at 602.840.5591.

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