Companies partner to advocate for pool safety

Tim Maloney —owner of Arizona Pool Fence — and Dane Palmero — owner of Overflow Pool Construction and Repair — have partnered to give away a pool fence valued at $1,500 and advocate for pool safety education in order to prevent drownings.

Two West Valley companies are partnering to give away a free pool fence with the overall goal to prevent child drownings. 

“Awareness and education are key to preventing drownings,” said Tim Maloney, owner and founder of Arizona Pool Fence.

Maloney and Dane Palmero — owner of Overflow Pool Construction and Repair — teamed up to protect kids and advocate for pool safety.

The two started referring clients to each other when either would notice safety issues that the other could fix in a client’s pool. They decided to give away  a free pool fence — valued at $1,500 — to promote both of their companies and bring awareness to pool after. This was after Palmero started an offshoot affordable pool company, Simply Fun Pools.

“We’re so thrilled to be able to do this,” Maloney said.

“I was on Phoenix fire for 25 years and I was on eight drownings in my career. So, I started my business 23 years ago on my off days to try to prevent drowning.”

To enter the contest, residents can  email with the subject line “Pool Safety Contest” and include their name, phone number, address and a photo of their pool with a brief paragraph on why their family is most in need of a pool fence this summer. Submissions will be accepted until May 31. The winner will be contacted on June 15.

“The No. 1 thing is let’s put up this barrier the safest way possible,” Maloney said.

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