Improving Pool Safety with Gates

For pool safety matters, a quality perimeter fence and a pool gate can provide the highest degree of protection for your loved ones and pets. As a design and installation team that specializes in pool safety fencing and barrier products, our extensive experience in this realm enables us to provide the best options available on the market today.

As an Arizona firefighter, our company’s co-founder, Tim Malone, witnessed the devastation a pool tragedy can have on a family. Together, he and his wife, Gina, created AZ Pool Fence to help educate parents and community members about pool safety measures in order to prevent senseless tragedies.

In fact, we care so much about protecting your kids and pets when it comes to water, we founded our company with the mission to supply only the highest quality swimming pool safety supplies. All of our products are crafted and manufactured using top-quality material for commercial or residential needs.

From mesh safety fences to wrought iron pool fences, glass pool fences to special pet fences, we offer a range of options designed to enhance the security of your pool. In addition to safety fence options, we also design and install pool covers. From safety net covers to mesh pool covers, these two options are a great way to add a second layer of protection.

Improving Your Protection
As one of the top pool fence companies operating in the Valley of the Sun, we are here to provide you with solutions to ensure that your pool is as safe as it can possibly be. With over 15,000 pool fencing installations under our belts, we are well-versed in the matter. Our top recommendations to improve your pool include:


Surrounding your pool with a secure fence is the safest way of erecting a barrier to deter children and pets from reaching your pool water without supervision. With a bevy of materials to select from, a perimeter fence is the ideal way of maintaining your backyard aesthetics while prioritizing safety.

Safety Gates

When it comes to pools, a safety gate is a layer of security that ensures that your gate closes properly when needed. For example, if a member of your family forgets to close, latch or lock the gate, a self-closing and self-latching gate is the best way to secure the pool area.

safety gate on mesh pool fence


With a perimeter fence and a safety gate, the next layer of security is to add a pool alarm. There are two main types of alarm systems: one that goes off if the pool gate is opened and another that alerts you if the pool water is disturbed. This last type uses a sensor in the water that will sound an alarm if water is displaced to alert you if a child or pet falls in.

Safety Cover

Another good way to secure your pool is to add a safety cover to your protective measures. A cover spans the entire surface of your pool and is held in place by straps that connect into brackets that are anchored into your deck or poolside area. Available in mesh or solid materials, these sturdy covers form a complete sheet over your pool’s surface. It is worth noting that heavy rains can collect on the solid covers, but the durable plastic mesh allows for draining.

mesh pool safety covers are lightweight

Drain Cover

One item that is covered less in pool safety literature includes the danger posed by the pool’s main drains. The suction action can snag clothing, limbs, or hair and cause individuals to get stuck or trapped underwater. To prevent this type of catastrophe, a secure drain cover can be installed to uphold pool and spa safety.

Style of Fencing

With a range of options, AZ Pool Fence is known for its pool fencing and gate systems that are designed to improve the value and safety of your property. When it comes to wrought iron pool fencing, we know that it's critical to create a structure that is complementary to your backyard environment and one that does not detract from your sense of aesthetics.

Good Gates
A beautiful fence is nothing without a secure gate system in place. Our team is pleased to offer two different choices:

  • Self-Closing/Latching Safety Gates
    Both our mesh fence and pet pool fencing options come equipped with our patent-pending walk-thru easy access self-closing, self-latching baby gate to protect your whole family. Available in four and five-foot heights, this safety mechanism is also key-lockable and available in multiple colors.

    Built for its strength, durability and functionality, the AZ Pool Fence team installs gates into a framing system, meaning that your gate is not reliant on tension present in the fence. Instead, it’s available and functional as a stand-alone unit.

    Additionally, we install the key lockable Magna Latch on the inside of our gates to ensure that it is well out of any child’s reach. If a child did access the Magna Latch, they still would not be able to get into the pool area. Our gate designs always open away from the pool, giving you just one more layer of protection. If a child could reach the latch, they would have to be standing atop of something to do so, and then the door would not be able to swing the correct direction, thereby denying them entry into the pool area. If you are unhappy or don’t feel as if your pool has all of the correct safety mechanisms in place, our team also can retrofit your safety gate to any fencing, block or stucco to give you peace of mind.

  • Self-Closing Door
    For this security mechanism, we offer an array of self-closing door products that can augment and enhance self-latching systems. Our team works with Door Closing Systems, another Arizona-based company to bring you a range of safety products that meet all pool barrier requirements and local safety standards. Examples of these products and services include:

    • Self-closers and hinges
    • Roller and track replacements
    • Security locks
    • Second doorknobs
    • Window locks
    • Security chains
    • Door alarms
    • Multi-panel door closers
    • Door repairs
    • Butterfly door closers
    • And more!

With affordable pricing, experienced professional installers, and the ability to configure our offering to any pool size and shape, get in touch with our team today to discuss your pool safety fence and barrier options.

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