International Code Council Building Safety Month (ICC/BSM)

Inspections Weekly Report

Each year during the month of May, the Planning and Development Department (PDD) celebrates and promotes the ICC Building Safety Month.  This year is the 41st anniversary of Building Safety Month. Each week during this month is tagged with a building safety theme. This week, which is week three, highlights, “Water Safety.” This year, General Inspections Field Supervisor Don Councilor partnered with Arizona Pool Fence (Tim and Gina Maloney) to install four pool fences at little or no cost to families in need. Arizona Pool Fence is working with Boost a Foster Family’s Adapt A-Fence program and the Phoenix Fire Department to find and evaluate these families through an application process.

Tim Maloney is a retired Phoenix Firefighter who started his company over 20 years ago in his garage. He has a passion for pool water safety and with the help of Boost, he donated 56 pool fences to families with disadvantages over the course of a year. He offers several types of fencing products including, mesh and iron; both of which are acceptable in the Building Code. As part of the public outreach and to help promote the importance of pool safety, we are working with PDD’s Public Information Officer, Angie Holdsworth who created a BSM Pool Safety Video. The stars of this video are General Inspectors, Brian Hamilton and Raymond Landolf. This video will be featured on-line and available to the public.

Pool Safety Tips: Please be sure to watch your children when they are around water and consider hiring a lifeguard to watch your pool and attendees when having large gatherings.

A very special thank you to the Maloney’s and Arizona Pool Fence, Boost a Foster Family, Phoenix Fire and Planning and Development.

Foster Family
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