Deciding Between a Wrought Iron or Mesh Fence Pool Fence?

How They Compare: Durability, Safety and Asthetics

We get a lot of calls from potential customers who aren’t sure if they should get a wrought iron or a mesh fence pool fence. Although both serve as sound pool barriers, a wrought iron pool fence has some drawbacks.


The life of a wrought iron fence is less than that of a mesh fence. Iron tends to rust out after only a few years. Our mesh pool fence is durable, made in the USA, and lasts year after year.


Children can climb over an iron fence by merely pulling up a chair and climbing over it. The design of a mesh pool fence is non-climbable. With no crossbars or slats, a child has no comfortable foot or grab-hold to help them climb, mount or hoist themselves up and over. Kids can pull up a chair but are unable to grip the fence to support their weight to get over it.


Lastly, when you compare the same pools (one showing an iron fence and the other one showing the mesh fence), the mesh looks much more appealing. A mesh pool fence is also removable, so if you’re having an adult party when kids aren’t present, you can take it down and get your entire yard back to entertain. You can put the fence back up in a matter of minutes.

So when people ask us, mesh versus iron, we say mesh! It’s more affordable, durable, and safe than a wrought iron fence, and the proof is in the photo!

You can learn more about our mesh pool fence and how it works.

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