Keeping Your Kids Safe Around Water

Pools are a great place for kids and their friends to enjoy the summer months, but it is important for parents to be vigilant in protecting their children and helping to avoid common poolside accidents. Many of these accidents are preventable when proper safety precautions are put in place, which is why at Arizona Pool Fence we offer a number of different fencing, covering and gate options to keep your loved ones safe.

Many of our fencing options are designed to be unobtrusive, providing a layer of security while not taking away from the beauty of your backyard space. Parents should be able to have the peace of mind that their kids can enjoy the pool area safely as much as they want, and whatever your needs or budget, we have something that can fit your space and keep your family safe.

Kid-Friendly Fencing

Installing some type of fencing is an important first step in making sure your kids are safe around the pool. A way to enclose a pool area helps curious kids from slipping in and not being able to get out. However, a pool barrier that is too low, provides an easy foothold or has too large of a gap at the bottom does not provide adequate protection and makes it easy for a determined child to get over or under. At Arizona Pool Fence, we offer a number of different fencing options depending on your needs.

Wrought iron pool fencing is a perennial favorite, as it provides an elegant look while also being very secure. Wrought iron fencing is very adaptable to the specifications of your pool, and can be easily installed indoors or outdoors, and on most surfaces and to accommodate most pool shapes. Our wrought iron fences are made from galvanized metal that is both strong and long-lasting, as well as designed specifically to prevent kids from climbing or jumping over it.

Our mesh fencing is also a great choice – made from the toughest nylon mesh on the market, our mesh fencing not only prevents pets or children from climbing it but also holds up well in the Arizona heat. Our mesh netting is designed to be exceptionally strong but still transparent enough to not obstruct views of the pool area. Mesh fencing also has the distinct advantage over other pool fencing choices of being easy to move and remove. When not in use, the pole holes can be covered to prevent tripping or debris getting lodged in them. This makes mesh fencing a great option for grandparents who might only use the fencing when the kids are visiting and have the freedom to remove it when they are not.

While a pricier option, our glass fencing combines beauty and utility. Sleek glass surfaces are very difficult for pets or children to scale, and being transparent, do not obstruct the view of your backyard and makes it easy to monitor kids that are in the pool area.

Netting and Pool Coverings

Our pool safety nets are one of the safest options for kids and provide some of the best protection against drowning accidents. As they sit on top and span the entire length of the pool, they also allow complete views of your backyard oasis. Our nets are manufactured locally and designed to meet very strict safety regulations, so you can be assured your child cannot fall in. Unlike many other netting manufacturers, taking on and off our safety nets is quick and easy.

A safety cover is also a good option to use in the months the pool is not in use. While it is important to keep your children safe during the swimming season, an extra layer of protection like a pool cover is great in the off months to really make sure no accidents happen.

Under Lock and Key

Sometimes a parent may turn their back for a second or not have checked to make sure a door closed all the way and a child has found their way into a pool and put themselves at risk for a serious accident. Our self-closing and self-latching door systems help prevent situations like that and are the ultimate protection for your children. Our baby gates provide unparalleled security when it comes to kids trying to get a gate open – not only is the latch on the inside of the gate and too high for them to reach, but our gates also swing outward, ensuring no matter how hard they try they cannot get in on their own.

child proof safety gate mesh pool fence installation

The majority of poolside accidents occur in children aged one to three, and many of these poolside injuries could have been avoided if precautions had been taken, like installing complete fencing and self-closing and self-latching gates. That is why we offer so many different safety options – no parent should have to choose between a potential accident or not allowing their child to enjoy having fun outdoors.

As a family-owned company with more than 20 years of experience, we understand the importance of keeping your family safe around the water. Arizona Pool Fence is proud to offer safety features to protect you and your loved ones as you enjoy the swimming season. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate!

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