Self-Closing Pool Gates: Why They’re Important and What You Need to Know

For a few decades now Arizona state law has required that both below-ground and above-ground pools be enclosed by a safety barrier no shorter than five feet tall. While these standards are met by most homeowners, safety barriers are only as effective as their weakest components. Even the sturdiest fences, installed by pool fence professionals, can fail to prevent accidents if a pool gate is simply left open or unlatched. This is why self-closing, self-latching pool gate systems are absolutely essential to any backyard pool environment.

Safety is the top priority. No matter what kind of pool fence is installed, it is crucial that the fence and pool gate remain secure long after adults or children have left the area. Self-closing and latching pool gate systems offer the assurance that no matter how the gate was last left, it will be closed and secured. This prevents any occurrence such as a gate being mindlessly left open resulting in a tragic accident.

Self-Closing Pool Gates

Arizona Pool Fence installs the key lockable MagnaLatch® and can configure self-closing gates to suit all types of gates around pools, homes, backyards, and perimeters. These Australian-made latches are designed specifically for toddler-resistant gates and use patented magnetic technology to eliminate mechanical jamming during closure. When a gate is left unclosed, a stainless-steel spring forces the bolt action out and once the gate is shut, a high-power magnet pulls the bolt into the receiving latch.

Magna-Latch Features

  • General-purpose, magnetic gate latch
  • Proven, reliable magnetic latching
  • Key lockable
  • Stylish caps, no visible fasteners
  • Rust/Corrosion proof
  • Meets state requirements for pool gates

Pools are meant to be fun for adults and children of all ages. While they provide endless hours of enjoyment, they also pose a significant risk if not properly maintained and secured. A professionally installed pool fence, with self-closing and self-latching pool gates, is absolutely essential to providing the highest level of protection from unforeseen accidents that can occur in a matter of minutes.

Here at Arizona Pool Fence, we take pool safety extremely seriously and we would like to share some basic pool safety maintenance tips that every homeowner should follow.

Self-Closing and Self-Latching Pool Gate

General Pool Safety Maintenance Tips


  • Ensure self-closing gates are installed at every entry point to a pool.
  • Inspect your pool gates regularly to ensure that they are closing and latching properly
  • Inspect your pool fence regularly for any damage, leaning, loose posts, or tears (depending on the pool fence material).
  • Remove any toys from the pool area when the children are not using them.
  • Utilize pool covers and alarms when possible.
  • Make sure children are educated in pool safety and trained swimmers.


As a family-owned company with more than 20 years of experience, we understand the importance of keeping your family safe around the water. Arizona Pool Fence is proud to offer safety features to protect you and your loved ones as you enjoy the swimming season. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate!

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