The Pros and Cons of Pool Mesh and Nets

The design and installation of pool safety fencing and barrier products is our specialty at Arizona Pool Fence. We care deeply about protecting kids and pets around water, which is why we founded our company that is now Arizona’s one-stop shop for the highest quality swimming pool safety supplies including fences, covers and more.

Two of our most popular products include mesh safety fences and pool safety covers. The many benefits from either of these options includes peace of mind, in addition to reducing heating bills, protecting your pool, lessening the need for chemicals and conserving water.

Our number one priority is safety, and we want to make choosing the best barrier for your pool an uncomplicated process:

Mesh Safety Covers

A mesh safety cover functions similarly to a very large strainer. It allows for rain water, run-off, fine particles and UV sunlight to make its way into your pool, but keeps out other materials such as leaves, insects, and debris—and most importantly, kids and pets.

While its permeability allows for material to make its way into your pool, thereby requiring chemical care and attention in order to maintain balance, the advantages of mesh safety covers include the following:

  • They are lighter and easier to handle than some alternatives
  • Rain simply passes through
  • Less costly than other covers on the market
  • Long lifespan
  • No need to pump or drain the cover
  • Common debris usually blows off before making its way into your water

Arizona Pool Fence’s mesh safety covers undergo rigorous independent testing in order to meet the specific minimum requirements to qualify as an ASTM pool safety cover. This is a much-coveted, stringent certification for any pool product within the pool safety category, and our covers not only meet, but exceed, the standards set forth by ASTM.

Additionally, due to our products' premium material, mesh safety covers are made from a unique blend of lightweight polypropylene that is highly durable. This is particularly noteworthy as the harsh Arizona elements can take a quick toll on other products on the market today.

We fabricate our beautiful mesh pool covers in a variety of fabrics and colors to enhance the visual aesthetics of your property. Colors include blue, green, gray, black and black/tan combinations. Built to last and durable, these safety cover options are a fantastic choice in Arizona.

How it Works
Our computer-aided design generates a perfect fit that adheres to the size and shape of your pool. With unparalleled construction, our mesh covers feature double webbing, an industry first. In addition to superior hardware technology, steel springs, sturdy brass anchors and triple-stitched bonded threads provide extra perimeter strength.

mesh safety pool covers
mesh pool covers keep debris out
mesh swimming pool covers

Pool Safety Nets

Pool safety nets are safety barriers that prevent two of the most precious members of your family—children and pets—from accidentally making their way or falling into your pool’s water. Pool nets are easy to use, versatile and deliver an unobstructed view of your beautiful pool or spa area, including its water features.

Proven to provide safety, net covers offer an effortless and affordable alternative to mesh safety covers. At Arizona Pool Fence, we design our pool net covers to withstand the harsh Arizona elements including our sizzling summers. Designed to fit any pool configuration, pool safety nets offer the following benefits:

  • Durable even in extreme weather or heat
  • Meet strict ASTM safety codes
  • Installed with recessed, flush-mount brass anchors
  • Adjustable tension system that ranges from tight to very tight
  • Stainless steel hooks and composite pulley system
  • Nets have UV inhibitors to provide security from fading, shrinkage and deterioration
  • Available for portable roller storage

To guarantee quality, we create our nets locally in Phoenix using only the highest quality materials based on research. Our custom configurable nets feature small pool net spacing in comparison with our competitors to prevent even the smallest of unwanted items from making their way into your water.

Furthermore, no pool net company has 6mm net material or 7mm finish, lending undeniably stronger security. Marine-grade and crafted from saltwater commercial fishing nets, our entire setup is built for durability and longevity.

child safety pool net

Making Your Choice

Regardless of your choice, safety should be the first priority for any pool owner. We strive to create life-saving products that enable people to quickly and easily create a barrier to protect animals and pets.

As cost-effective options, both of the above make great additions to any pool. As one of the best pool and fence companies operating within the Valley of the Sun, we care deeply about your satisfaction, experience and safety.

To date, our team has installed over 15,000 pool fences. We’re here to help you keep your loved ones safe. Get in touch now to talk about your options. We’d be happy to discuss the above in more detail anytime.

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