Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe Around the Pool

Pets enjoy spending time outdoors just as much as the rest of the family, so securing entryways and exits as well as the pool area can go a long way in ensuring they have a safe place to play. While parents understand the importance of protecting small children around pools, dogs and other household pets can just as easily experience poolside accidents – in fact, thousands of pets each year drown in swimming pools. Even if you are confident in your dog’s swimming abilities, properly monitoring and maintaining your backyard spaces ensures the safety of your furry family members.

At AZ Pool Fence, we understand the role fencing, coverings and door systems have in preventing needless accidents and work to provide pool owners the knowledge and ability to keep their families safe around water. If your family includes a pet, make sure your backyard is one they can be safe to enjoy.

Install Pet Fences

A crucial first step for any homeowner concerned about pool safety is installing some kind of fencing to protect anyone who spends time in your backyard. We offer a number of different fencing options and covers so that no matter your budget, layout or design, we have something for you. Our pet fences in particular are designed with your animals in mind and come in a myriad of options. Our pool fences for dogs can be configured in 1-, 2- or 3-foot fence heights, so that no matter the breed or size of your dog or pet, they will not be able to hop the fence or enter the pool area unattended.

We offer several different color choices to fit the aesthetic of your backyard, and all our fences are manufactured from industry leading Textilene mesh that do not just meet but surpass ASTM standards. Fencing can take a beating from regular activity or the temperature and environmental elements of the Arizona climate, and because of this we design our fencing with built in UV inhibitors and from materials that are the strongest on the market. We back our mesh with a lifetime warranty, giving owners the peace of mind that their safety investments are built to last.

Our pet fences can be easily installed on any surface and are completely removable, allowing owners the flexibility to use and remove their fencing depending on their needs. Pet fences can be a great way to keep dogs, cats and other small pets safe around water, and give them the ability to enjoy your backyard oasis as much as the rest of the family does.

Keep a Close Eye

Many pet owners are confident that their dogs have no problems swimming, and while that may be the case, even an experienced swimmer can be unable to get out of the pool once they are in. Especially if left unattended, a dog that can swim can panic and not realize they are close to the steps and give up trying to reach them. Even if you are sure your dog is a skilled swimmer, it is best not to take the chance and protect the pool area with a fencing system or cover.

Our glass fencing options are a great choice for pet owners, as the sleek glass surface is difficult to climb and enhances the visibility of your backyard. No one wants to let their dog out to the bathroom only for it to fall into the pool when you are not looking, which is why the unobstructed view that transparent glass panels provide is such a compelling choice. If you have invested a lot of time and money in a beautiful pool area, glass fencing gives added security without detracting from the visual appeal of the space.

Monitor Comings and Goings

While fencing or covers that protect the pool area are a great first step, investing in door systems and other safety features that protect the whole backyard are also a great choice, particularly for pet owners. For those without doggie doors, entryways and exits receive a lot of traffic, and a self-closing, self-latching door system can alleviate the worry that you have left the door open or it was not closed properly and your pets are wandering the yard unattended. Professionally installed door closing systems can cut down on cooling costs and protect anyone coming and going from your home to the backyard.

Pets are important members of a family, but just like small children, they can be susceptible to poolside accidents and drownings. Whether you are in the market for a fence, cover or door system, we are proud to offer industry-leading materials and safety options to keep you and your loved ones safe around water.

Why choose us?

As a family-owned company with more than 20 years of experience, we understand the importance of keeping your family safe around the water. Arizona Pool Fence is proud to offer safety features to protect you and your loved ones as you enjoy the swimming season. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate!

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