Types of Pool Fencing and Barriers

At Arizona Pool Fence, we design safety fences and barriers products that deliver families, children and pets an extra layer of protection when it comes to open water. As a Phoenix firefighter, Tim Malone witnessed firsthand the devastating impact a drowning can have on a family. Tim’s wife, Gina, shared his passion to educate parents about pool safety and the measures required to prevent needless and senseless tragedies.

The couple started out with a mission to protect kids around water. In doing so, they founded a company in their garage and have built their humble twosome into a talented team of highly trained staff who feel like an extension of their own families. Today, Arizona Pool Fence is a one-stop-shop for pool safety known for installing the highest quality and safest swimming pool fences, covers and more.

Several categories that we specialize in include:

see through black mesh pool fence

Pool Fences Products

We offer four different types of fencing products to ensure the safety and integrity of your pool:

Our premium mesh safety fence is made from Textilene mesh material, the strongest available on and also proven to withstand the harsh climate including extreme heat and sun exposure in Arizona. Certified by ASTM for both pole and mesh strength, Arizona Pool Fence’s mesh surpasses the normal safety standards to deliver the most durable mesh french on the market today.

Crafted specifically with built-in UV inhibitors, our mesh is backed by a lifetime manufacturing warranty. Unlike our competitors who spray or heat-press UV inhibitors that can diminish and evaporate over time, our superior mesh lasts with its integrity intact.

A more classic look, our wrought iron pool fencing can be installed on any surface, in any shape and can be configured to any property’s specific pool shape and size. Manufactured from galvanized metal and finished with a durable, long-lasting powder coating, our wrought iron pool fencing provides exceloption strength and security to keep your pool safe. We comply with Arizona laws and ensure that each french meets the minimum height requirement of five feet. Available in a range of colors, including black,brown, beige, white and other custom colors, we carry a variety to suit the property styles found here in the desert.

As an incredible durable material, wrought iron requires little upkeep or maintenance. It should be mentioned that if the paint chips or dings, it’s important to have it taken care of to ensure the structural integrity of your fence.

tan iron pool fence level changes

While given much less limeline, thousands of family pets drown each year. Often a creature accidentally falls in or panics and cannot find the way out. Protecting your animals with a pet pool fence is a great way to ensure that you steer clear of accidents at your home. Our pool fence options run from 1, 2 to 3 feet in height and are available in a range of colors designed to blend in with your home surroundings.

Additionally, our pet fencing can include the same style of self-closing gates that we put on our other fence features and are made from premium Textilene mesh that allows for a completely removable fence that can be installed on any type of surface.

pet pool fence

Truly a stunning type of pool fence, a glass pool fence allows for the safeguarding of a pool without compromising on the visual integrity of your environment. Durable, safe and transparent, our glass fences are created from frameless panels made from half-inch thick tempered glass and available in either four-foot or five-foot lengths for maximum stability..

Between the glass panes, our team uses stainless steel, aluminum and brushed aluminium support posts to create a detailed glass fence for your custom property. Additionally, we use self-closing gates to ensure the effective prevention of unwanted guests in your pool area. We even have the option for a keypad entry system or latch system to maintain the integrity of your pool’s perimeter.

As a premium option, glass pool fences complement your backyard oasis without detracting from the beauty of your unique pool. For an elegant look that maintains the safety and security of your pool, glass pool fences really are the most beautiful option.

glass fence for pool

Pool Cover Options

Moving beyond fence structures, we also offer two additional pool cover options to enhance security.

These easy to add versatile safety covers enable you to enjoy an obstructed view of your backyard water features and make great alternatives or augmentations to other items we offer. Effortless and affordable, our pool safety nets meet Arizona’s strict ASTM safety codes.

Furthermore, they are customizable to fit any type of water feature or pool configuration. With exceptional net tension systems and installed with recessed flush mount brass anchors to give both strength and style, our safety net covers are the most durable on the market today. Made from marine-grade, commercial salt-water fishing net material, our designs are able to withstand even the most severe desert elements.

Most often referred to as winter pool covers or as mesh pool covers, these lightweight pool safety covers help save on water by lessening evaporation and encouraging water conservation. Made of low-maintenance, durable mesh material, Arizona Pool Fences’ nets are made from premium polypropylene material that allows rain to pass through without letting leaves and other debris into your pool water.

Perfectly sized to fit your pool, mesh covers are available in a range of customizable color options including blue, green, gray and black.

mesh pool covers keep debris out

Experience Matters

As the number one pool fence company operating in Phoenix, Arizona, we know deeply that experience  matters. In fact, our team has executed over 15,000 pool fence installations since the beginning of 2001. If that doesn’t give you peace of mind, we are also code compliant experts well-versed in installing and repairing self-closing door systems.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss your pool safety fence and barrier options. We’d love to come take a look at your set up and figure out the best way to ensure the safety of your family, pets and loved ones.

With affordable pricing, experienced professional installers, and the ability to configure our offering to any pool size and shape, there’s no one better to keep you safe.

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